The Artist
In no small measure, I am my father's daughter. He was doggedly resourceful, hard-working and a bit of a dreamer. He was the first person who believed in me. Like my father, I put my heart and soul into my work...
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I was raised in the country and learned early to revere Nature. The sheer beauty of the autumn leaves changing to brilliant hues still makes me smile. The golden wheat fields still shimmer and glisten in my mind. I can still feel the gentle tug of the water against my body in the creek. We nurtured the land and it became part of us. With each piece I make, I share the reverence of what was given to me so many years ago.
Creative Process
For me, the source of my inspiration is the wood itself. I study the grain and how it flows and imagine what it might become. Once I have an image in my mind, then I begin to work. Sometimes, I'll make a rough sketch. As any artist, I work tirelessly and with impatient anticipation to bring my creative vision to life. Few woodworkers share my level of passion in the creation of art from wood.